About us

Our journey began in 2001.  A group of people got together to worship God, to study His word, and live life to the fullest.  Since that time we have grown into who God wanted us to be, more like Jesus.  We believe Jesus is God's one and only son and He is the only way to be saved.  We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God.  We Believe every promise, every blessing and every instruction found in His word is true.  We base our lives upon the example that Christ shown us while He was on Earth.  We also believe that Holy Spirit is real, alive and operating through us.  The bottom line is this, if the Bible says it believe it.  Our mission is to do as Jesus instructed us to do in Matthew 28:19-20.  Jesus told us, the church, to go make disciples everywhere we go.  And that is exactly what we are doing.  Loving people where they are, not judging or condeming, just letting our love of God be seen through our own lives.    

our TEAM:
Today we celebrate with Angela Thomas. T
Jason Thomas

Lead Pastor

Karen Tomczak

Women's Ministry Leader

Marni Belan

Student Ministry Leader

Roger & Sharon Belan

Hospitality Leaders

Barb Matsick 

Prayer & Intercessory Leader